FM-AM Tuner Sony ST-5130

Sony ST-5130 tuner from the late '70s. It had 8 IF stages and 100db alternate channel selectivity out of the box. Changing two of the filters gives this analog tuner better selectivity than the Carver.  Originally cost around $350 and at one time a few FM DXers used one.

Sony ST-5130 (1973, $370) - Honorable mention. This scarce 5-gang, 8-filter tuner is a favorite of DXers. It has multipath output jacks for connecting an oscilloscope, a headphone amp with built-in volume control (which allows Mike Bugaj to bring his modified 5130 for DXing on trips), and some other nice features that we'll write about shortly, thanks to an anonymous benefactor who donated a mostly functioning ST-5130 to TIC for evaluation. Our contributor Thrassyvoulos says, “My 5130 is a truly amazing reception machine. Even with a T-shaped wire it is one of my very best, comparable to my Yamaha T-85 and Sansui TU-9900! Now having said that, it is not the best-sounding tuner, as it has an overly warm, rounded sound in my system.”